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Market analysis

Any good market analysis starts with a situational analysis. To better understand your situation, competitive strengths as well as the subtleties that will help you differentiate and set yourself apart from your competitors, we will undertake an analysis of:


•  Your existing customer base

•  Your strengths and weaknesses

•  Your financial statements


In parallel, we will study your environment by also undertaking a very thorough analysis of your :


•  Potential customers and their decision tree

•  Suppliers and strategic partners

•  Competitors

•  Market, industries, sectors, segments and sub-segments


Our methodical approach will lead us to develop a very sound S.W.O.T. analysis which is part of the foundation to any strong strategic plan.


Consulting services

You are not alone, depending on your needs, we can accompany you by offering you either full consulting services or coaching services.



Pro Gestion inc. is recognized for the superior quality of its work with SME’s in Quebec since 1993. At Pro Gestion we aim for nothing less than excellence.