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What stands out about Pro Gestion as an expert consultant in R&D tax credits / SR&ED tax credits?



Experience is something that is acquired over the years. Pro Gestion has specialized in R&D / SR&ED tax credits applications since 1993. Our expert consultants are able to identify all your R&D / SR&ED as well as all your allowable expenses in order to optimize your application for tax credits in R&D and make the process as smooth as possible.



Our consultants are university graduates in science and administration and are experts in R&D tax credits / SR&ED tax credits. In addition, we have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of research and development fields. We are professionals.


The security of your information and the reliability of our systems

Your information is safe and secure in our facilities which are under surveillance 24 / 7. Your data is saved in real time while we work on your file and is archived every day on three (3) independent hard drives. The security of your information and the reliability of our systems are paramount.


The credibility

Our consultants work for the company full time and are experts in R&D tax credits / SR&ED tax credits. Your file will never be outsourced to another company or individual.


Stability and consistency

We are proud to say that many of our clients have retained our services for more than 10 consecutive years. Our goal is to establish a long term business partnership with you and help you succeed year after year.


The absence of financial risk

We do not require a security deposit nor do we charge a fixed amount per project before we begin your SR&ED / R&D tax credit application. Our fees are charged only when you receive your tax refund.


Performance-based Fee

Our fee is based on the tax credits you receive therefore the value of your R&D and optimization of your application for SR&ED tax credits / R&D tax credits remains our priority. Our goal is nothing other than excellence. In fact, it usually costs much more to companies who fail to recover all the tax credits they are entitled to, therefore it is important to choose an experienced business partner like Pro Gestion to maximize your return on investment in research and development.


Time and meticulousness

We offer a turnkey service and take as little of your time as possible to complete your R&D / SR&ED tax credit claim. In addition, we will work as long as necessary to enhance your research and optimize your claim so you get the maximum amount of money to which you are entitled, regardless of the size of your company or your SR&ED / R&D claim.



We travel throughout Quebec for our clients. In fact, our clients are spread all across the province. Our team can be reached by e-mail seven days a week in an emergency.


Flexibility, efficiency and speed

We adapt to your way of work, your needs, and your corporate culture. We are also able to deliver files in extremely tight deadlines when necessary. You only have a few weeks or days to submit your application? Call us, you may be surprised.



We can guide you and advise you wisely to optimize and increase your R&D / SR&ED tax credits claim year after year. Moreover, as the SR&ED / R&D program changes almost every year, we will keep you informed of relevant changes to always get the most from your investment in research and development.


Confidentiality and work ethics

Since we often have access to privileged information and data, it is important for us to maintain our privacy policy at all times.



Pro Gestion inc. is an industry leader in the SR&ED tax credit program / R&D Tax credit program since 1993, recognized for the superior quality of our work with SME’s in Quebec.