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Free electronic tools for documenting R&D projects / SR&ED projects


Developed and validated by experts in R&D tax credits / SR&ED tax credits

Over the years we have been able to develop an electronic package with all the R&D tools / SR&ED tools and templates to document your R&D projects / SR&ED projects. We are proud to say that our tools are the subject of a thorough evaluation by a number of scientific advisors from Revenue Canada, and all agree that it meets or exceeds the R&D / SR&ED tax credit program documentation requirements.


Comprehensive and user-friendly R&D / SR&ED tools and templates

Whether for scientific or financial, our kit provides all the necessary R&D tools / SR&ED tools and R&D templates / SR&ED templates to document and organize your R&D / SR&ED. In addition, it allows you to generate reports (weekly, monthly and annually).


Free for all our customers

Depending on your organization and your industry, it is likely that some employees do not have access to a computer. In this case, our documentation tools allow you to work as a single user or multi-user. The multi-user mode implies the involvement of a project manager who is responsible for documenting the time invested by your team in R&D / SR&ED. The kit is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Seven (7). Our electronic toolkit and related periodic updates are free to all our customers. You can use it as-is, or as a base to create your own method to document R&D / SR&ED, convenient to you.


Safe and under your control

Our documentation package is to be used internally, confined to within company walls and requires no internet access. You will not have to download your valuable data and confidential information on a website or an external database operated and controlled by a third party which your competitors may have access to. The security of your information is priceless. We will not take any unnecessary risks that may lead to an information leak.



Pro Gestion inc. is an industry leader in the R&D Tax credit program / SR&ED tax credit program since 1993, recognized for the superior quality of our work with SME’s in Quebec.