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SR&ED / R&D tax credit services offered by Pro Gestion


Phase I - Evaluation of anticipated SR&ED/ R&D tax credits (no cost and no obligation)

Evaluation of your research and classification of what is R&D / SR&ED by one of our expert consultants.

Estimation of expenditures in R&D / SR&ED and estimation of the anticipated R&D / SR&ED tax credit (refund).


Phase II - Preparation of your SR&ED / R&D tax credit application

Thorough evaluation of your research and composing scientific reports.

In-depth financial evaluation and detailed report of R&D / SR&ED expenditures.


Phase III - Completion of SR&ED / R&D tax credit forms

Completion of all forms related to SR&ED (T661, T661 Part 2, Schedule 31, RD222, and other relevant forms RD1029.7) by Pro Gestion.


Transmission of financial and technical data for the R&D / SR&ED forms to be completed by your accountant.

Check and correct forms of R&D / SR&ED that have been prepared by your accountant before the final report is sent to Revenue Canada and Revenu Québec.


Phase IV – Following up with government agencies regarding the status of your R&D / SR&ED tax credit application

Monitoring the process of your application with Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec until it is completed and you get your SR&ED refund from both the federal and provincial governments.

Shipping documents or additional requirements of Revenue Canada and / or Revenue Québec.


Phase V – Support in case of R&D / SR&ED audit (if applicable)

Preparation meeting before the Revenue Canada visit.

Assistance during the Revenue Canada visit.

Collaboration with Revenue Canada until your application is processed and you get both the federal and provincial government R&D / SR&ED tax credit refunds.

It should be noted that in case of an audit, only your R&D tax credit application / SR&ED tax credit application will be affected and not the rest of your operations.



Pro Gestion inc. is an industry leader in the SR&ED tax credit program since 1993, recognized for the superior quality of our work with SME’s in Quebec.