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SR&ED in Life Sciences - R&D Tax Credits and Subsidies

Research and development (R&D/SR&ED) in the pharma, biotech and nutraceutical sectorsWhether you specialize in biotechnology, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical; whether you are an analytical laboratory, a contract research laboratory (CRO), a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) or a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) developing innovative or generic compounds, there is a very good chance that you can recover substantial R&D tax credits for your research and development activites.

Do you develop therapeutic agents, new analytical methods or instruments at the cutting edge of technology? Do you realize in-vitro tests, pre-clinical or clinical studies? Regardless of your industry or your level of progress, our experienced SR&ED experts will be able to identify all of your eligible projects and assist you in recovering SR&ED tax credits to which you are entitled.

Even if you currently produce your own R&D tax credits application, our experts will be able to validate and optimize your scientific descriptions as well as your eligible expenses. We will assist you in maximizing your return on investment while minimizing the risk of audit by Revenue Canada. In fact, although many companies successfully collect some R&D tax credits on their own, most fail to recover all expenses to which they are entitled. In most cases, the additional amounts that we can get are far superior to what it costs to use our expertise throughout the year.

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Pro Gestion inc. is an industry leader in the SR&ED tax credit program since 1993, recognized for the superior quality of our work with SME’s in Quebec.