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The Pay Equity Plan

When a company has more than 50 employees , it must achieve a pay equity plan followed by a periodic audit. When a company has more than 100 employees, it must also establish a pay equity committee for each plan to be completed. You can accomplish a pay equity plan by following the steps described below.


•  Identify the number of plans to be completed within your company.

•  Identification of job categories.

•  Determine whether the categories are of female or male predominance.

•  Select a method of evaluation for the job categories.

•  Develop an evaluation process.

•  Inform the employees that there will be a notice posted with precise instructions.

•  Evaluation of job categories.

•  Comparison of job categories.

•  Estimated wage gaps.

•  Calculation of salary adjustments.

•  Post the first notice for a period of 60 days, as per the commission’s instructions.

•  Repost the notice for an additional period of 60 days with any amendments.

•  Pay salary adjustments if necessary.

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